Richard Guy, BSc., has been involved in computer and technology solutions since the 1980's. Self taught, he brings interesting and sometimes unconventional solutions to challenges encountered. He lives in a very remote location with no prospect of high speed broadband from BT. In solving his broadband problem, he has made contacts and established techniques to offer interesting solutions to challenging locations.

Gilly Metherell, Richard's wife and business partner for more than three decades, is less techy but thus provides a vital translation interface between the jargon and customer-friendly language. She is a seasoned strategic planner, logistics and general problem solver.


Rob Jay, MSc., will most likely be your point of contact. Another self-taught techie, when he needs a computer, he doesn't just buy one. He buys all the bits and builds his own.

He will assess your individual situation, undertake the surveys and research and see a fast broadband solution delivered to you.