David Pipe - One of the UK's most successful racehorse trainers was struggling to run his business in rural Devon.

"We are racehorse training business based on a farm in Nicholashayne, Devon.  Postcode below.  Connecting Devon and Somerset have now enabled all our surrounding cabinets with FTTC – but we are too far from any of them to benefit.  Our broadband thus remains at 0.5-1MB – with no realistic chance on improvement in the foreseeable future." 

We picked up signal on the roof of David's helicopter hangar, the tallest building in the yard. This brought speeds of as much as 80MB/s to the centre of operations and then beamed on the 400 yards to David's house so that his wife and family could enjoy fast broadband too.

David and Delyth Pye decided to create a dream home on Delyth's parents' hill farm in Wales. Idyllic indeed but no broadband.

"Hi I am interested in seeing if you can help with our broadband speed, currently we are lucky to get above .5meg and very intermittent availability

We visited the site, drove round the entire farm and then on one edge of the hill farm located some precious 3G signal.

"I am sending you the first email over our newly installed Agri-Broadband solution  Getting 30 megabytes down load speed, if you remember we only got 3G when you tested, but with the extra height of the mast we are getting 4g."

Sue L - 78 year old farmer. Lives with husband in a remote farmhouse west of Salisbury.

“Current Provider and Speed: 1 and 1.5 - if lucky. Saw you in the paper and would like to know how you can help. Please call back.”

Sue had a fairly straightforward installation and now has speeds in excess of 60MB/s.

Mary L- Bank Director with husband and three teenage daughters. Tonbridge Wells.

“Current providers BT x 2 lines, speed on a good day 2Mbps each, but very variable.I spend my life on the phone to BT because it has dropped away again.Also TalkTalk x 1 line, speed around 2.3 Mbps.I then bond the three lines together, which works but is very expensive and reliant on getting something out of the BT lines.

We are in search of a better solution!I would be very grateful if you could explore if your system might work for us.”

Mary’s situation was the sort of challenge we love. In her remote location, we picked up a signal over a mile from her house at a disused barn. Using our remote pick up and retransmission technology, we beamed the signal back to her house and then:

“Download speed now over 30mbps.Will try and speak later but just wanted to say a huge thank you!“

Chris C. Farmer, east of Winchester.

“We have been suffering appalling BT broadband for too long, we get download speeds ranging from 0.1mbps to (occasionally) 4.0 mbps.”

“I installed our router last night, everything is working really well, we are getting an average download speed of 50Mbps, lowest has been 30 at peak times, the highest I’ve seen so far was 303Mbps this morning at 6am!  I’m very pleased, thank you very much for all your help.”

David Pipe's celebratory tweet.

To date, one of our most elaborate installations on

David and Delyth's farm in Wales.